Full Color

Some jobs that are sent across will require full color printing. These are usually things such as photographs, digital artwork and images that contain a lot of detail in the lines and gradients. We recommend that you send across an image that is high res and has a 250 dpi as a minimum. This will ensure that we are able to get the best quality image from our printers. Our equipment is very good and our printers are experts in their field but we can only print an image as good as the original artwork. If the image appears blurry when you look at it on your computer screen then there is a good chance that it will look the same when it is printed. It is also important to make sure that the colors are the ones that you want. There is a chance that there could be a 5% difference between the color that you see on your screen and the one that will be printed. This is because the settings of the screens on every monitor is different and so there will always be a slight variation. This does not apply for screen printing because the colors are chosen after the image has been sent. In short, if you want a printed image that is clean and crisp then it must be sent to us in this way.

Images that have only one or two colors are much easier to provide. These types of images are mostly used for screen printing. It is still important that you provide a good image that is crisp and clean. This way when we create the films for it, it helps eliminate and fuzzy edges or not clean text.  As you will be choosing the colors that will be printed you do not have to worry about the colors in the image that is sent, but everything in the image that is the same color must be same color in original. For example you send a green and blue image, but you actually want it to be white and blue, everything that is green will now become white.

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