If you are looking to find the best brand for a clothing garment, where either direct to garment printing or screen printing, is required, then we are the experts to choose.We realize that you may not be familiar, with the processing of either of these printing terms, so we are here to guide you in the best choices for your clothing needs. We want to make sure that your ordering experience, is the best that it can be. We also want to help you to understand direct to garment printing and screen printing and what kinds of tees and/or hoodies, work best for each type of printing. We want to ensure, that by the end of your visit with us, that you understand every phase of your order and what it took, to get to the finished process. We are experienced experts in the field of direct to garment printing and screen printing and we want to pass that experience on to you, our customer.

Direct to garment printing

DTG cannot be used on all types of clothing. If you want to achieve the best results, we recommend that you use 100% cotton tees and at least 80% cotton hoodies. Our experts choice for DTG printing are:

• Cotton Heritage – best printing overall shirt,

• Hanes Tagless – best relaxed basic shirt,

• Independent Trading Midweight – best overall hoodie ,

• Canvas Bella Cotton – best unisex shirt

• Bella Canvas Cotton – softest shirt with a modern unisex fit

• Fruit of the Loom HD – Best budget friendly print

• Next Level Cotton(do not use triblend for DTG).- best active shirt

These recommendations from our experts, will allow you to experience the direct to garment printing, at its optimal best. Direct to garment printing would include: all orders that have less than 12 pieces of clothing, that have full color images, such as photographs and those that have 5 to 8 colors, depending upon the details of the order.

Screen printing,

SP allows you to print on any image, with less than 8 colors, with orders of twelve or more pieces of clothing. If you need to know which brand to use for screen printing, our experts recommend:

• The softest feel budget shirt – Jerzees Ringspun Cotton,

• most durable shirt and most relaxed shirt – Gildan Hammer tees,

• best active shirt – Jerzees Triblend,

• best unisex shirt – Bella Canvas,

• best budget hoodie – Fruit of the Loom SF76R,

• best overall hoodie J.America.

Whether you choose direct to garment printing or screen printing for your apparel, we are here to help you with your clothing and printing needs. We are the experts in helping you understand both the process and what works well for the type of clothing you need. Whether it is a tee or a hoodie, or something else that needs printing, we will assist you, in any way that we can, in making sure that you are satisfied with your order. No matter how detailed the order, we are here to assist you in getting what your clothing printing needs. And if there are any mistakes done, we will make every attempt to correct them, as the customer requests.

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