Artwork Design

Starter Pack - $75

Recreate your design or simple design for printing.

Create a standard design up to 3 colors from your ideas. Using Pre set templates and artwork to peice together a final design. Or take your already done image and clean it up, monderize it for apparel printing. 

Up to 2 Revisions.
Receive final file in PNG, EPS


Premium Pack - $250

Design from Scratch up to 5 color design, typography, characters, cartoons,logos/

Give us your ideas, pics and examples. We will than create a design from scratch, hand drawn custom for you. We will send a pencil sketch first , and make changes to that before adding color. Once Sketch it approved we will add colors that you have recommended for your design. Once finished we will provide the final clean vector artwork for printing. 


Exclusive Pack - $900

Free on orders over 3000 pieces

The all out design, unlimited colors, full details, shadows, highlights, multiple objects with fine details. For DTG or Simulated Process Screen Printing.

Like our Premium Package we will start with a hand sketch with all the design elements you are lookign for plus artist recommendations if want. Than we will add color, and depending on type of printing it will be created with halftones in mind for simulated process or gradients with DTG.

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