Using The Designer Software

Screenprint Specific

Uploading Artwork (Png or Svg) for screen printing

When uploading your own artwork for screenprinting, Please select “select number of colors”. From here you will than choose your colors that match up in your image.

Screenprint ink color choices

We do have wide range of pantone colors to choose from, but we know sometimes you need a specific pantone code to for copyright, registered or trademark purposes. If this is the case please choose the closest color we have available and in the Notes section give us the pantone color code. We will make the appropriate adjustments to the color, and email you a verification that we made the adjustments.

Or please give us an email at breakthroughclothing@gmail.com

Selecting Amount of Colors (screenprint)

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Using The Designer Software

DTG (Direct to Garment) Specific

Uploading artwork for DTG printing

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Color Picker for DTG

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Using The Designer Software

Designer Tools and Products

Changing the Product and Product Color

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Our Clipart (changing ink colors)

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Using the Text tool

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Finished designing - adding multiple shirt colors

This is possible, but currently our software doesn’t allow multiple shirt styles, just multiple colors of the same style. If you would like to add different styles of the same design please contact us or send us an email and we will be happy to set up the artwork for you.

Please attach artwork, garment style and quantity.
We will send a mock up for approval with ink colors and sizing, along with a Invoice that can be paid online.

Using our Templates

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Full Video of Using software

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Ordering Questions


How long will my order take?

Once an order is placed, our standard turnaround time is 10-14 business days. Depending on the season and type of order we may get it done even sooner.
If you have a rush or a specific deadline please contact us or send us an email (breakthroughclothing@gmail.com) before your place your order and title it Rush Order.  Please list in the email:
Quantity of order
Number of ink colors
Number of locations of printing
What style garment printing on
We will respond and let you know if we are able to meet your deadline, we guarantee our rush order deadline unless it is due to shipping carrier.

Getting a price quote

Maybe your unsure how many you need, or if you should order extras. If you need a quote you can either use our designer, set up your shirt and type in multiple quantities to check prices. Or you can contact us or email us(breakthroughclothing@gmail.com) and let us know:
Different Quantity amounts
Styles(cheapest, softest, most durable, etc)
Number of print locations
Number of ink colors

We will respond than with the appropriate quotes for you future order.

Payment Methods

When ordering online you are able to pay by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover. (soon will be added Apple Pay and Google Pay)

If your order is done through email because of a Rush Order or, Designing Services, Payment will be through Paypal.

If Approved for Purchase Orders because its a School, Emergency Profession, Government account, or upon our agreement. Payment may be by Paypal or check.

Minimum Order

For Direct to Garment (DTG) their is no minimum order
For Screenprinting the minimum order is 12 pieces.(mix and match available as long as the design doesn’t change)

Not all garments are able to be DTG, so some garments do have a minimum order, but most of them do not.

Mixing colors and styles

Please contact us or email if you would like to mix styles, if you are mixing just colors you can add the colors with the order options tab.

Screenprinting – yes you may mix the garment colors and styles as long as the design doesn’t change. This means ink color and size of the design.

DTG – yes you may also mix the colors, but the design color may look slightly different depending on the shirt color. Many of the darker colored shirts such as black, navy, maroon, brown you will not see a difference, but with the more vibrant colors such as aqua, orange, purple, green you may. (please note this is only for a few shirts so don’t be nervous, we just want to be honest and upfront) This has to do with the technology printing the underbase and gradients with waterbased ink and how it uses part of the shirt color to create the image.   This is why the shirt will have a soft feel, but is also why the image may look slightly different.

If your concerned about images not looking the same, please contact us first.

Changing ink colors

If your designing a shirt and want to change ink colors in your design but the artwork is not changing such as:
Print white ink on a black shirt
Print red ink on a grey shirt

Please email us the order and attach the artwork and will create multiple mock ups for you to approve, send an invoice and get the order going for you. Usually within 48hrs you will have mockups sent.

Product Questions

What is the best garment for printing?

In short:
For DTG 100% Ringspun cotton is best.
For Screenprinting anything ringspun or combed cotton.

I don't see a color I want?

Not everybrand offers every color or they may be out of stock. If they are out of stock the color will not be shown to purchase. If you are looking for a specific color, use our filters to find which brands and styles it comes in.

Still having trouble please contact us with what you are looking for and we will be happy to help.

Product Sizing

All Companies have slightly different measurement even if it is the same style cut, and it is good to check sizing before ordering. Their are 4 main sizing style:
Adult – Relaxed standard fit, loose around mid section
Ladies – Slightly narrower with shorter sleeves than adult
Juniors – Ladies style but more fitted and tight but keeps it length.
Slim fit – Both for male and female and very slimming fit for all sizes.

Artwork Questions

Artwork for DTG

This is determined by which print technique you choose
Screen Printing – Scalable vector graphic(SVG) is the best for us. Files can be saved as SVG if they are originally at adobe illustrator (Ai), CorelDraw or EPS. This file will the have the cleanest lines. You may also provide a high res png file(300dpi), which our art department will than separate the colors.

Direct to Garment (DTG) – A png file with resolution 250 or higher at the appropriate print size. This means if you want the file printed at 10″ tall, please have it at least 250dpi at 10″ not 2″. Png file do not scale as they enlarge as a vector file does, this may cause some blurriness in the image. If your image appears blurry on your computer screen, this is a clear sign it will print that way.

Maximum print size

Standard print size is:
Adults 12×14
Womens 11 x14
Youth 10×12
Toddler 8×10

We do offer a jumbo size of 15×19 for additional fee.

If you would like jumbo printing please contact us with image and style shirt, we will be happy to mock it up and send you a price quote. **Please note that not all size shirts can receive jumbo printing for example: youth sizes, juniors, Women’s small, medium, Slim fit smalls.

Artwork for ScreenPrint

For screenprinting best files are

Ai. adobe illustrator
Eps. encapsulated postscript
Svg, scalable vector graphic
If none of these are an option you may provide a Png file, and we will recreate it in vector format for you.

For DTG best files are

Png. portable network graphic
Psd. photoshop file

If you have a pdf file please email us and we will mock up and send you a quote. Our designer software doesnt allow for pdf, corel draw to be uploaded.

Max File Size

With our Designer Software their is a maximum upload file size. As much as we love getting a big clear image, we do have a maximum that our server can handle.
If you get this error, please adjust dimensions of the file before you adjust the dpi.(resolution) of the file size.

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