From doing crazy Kung-Fu moves against bad guys in movies, to popping millions of bubbles to save panda babies on the app store, to being the cute and cuddly animals at your local zoo: pandas are sweeping the nation. No matter what your favorite animal may be, there is no denying your obsession to the cuteness of a panda chewing on some bamboo. While these animals are simply known to come from the rain forests of China, eat tons of bamboo trees and act like they do not have a care in the world: there are many interesting facts about pandas no one knows about. We at Inkme, love pandas as well and are here to give you all the rare panda knowledge we know. So, strap in and prepare for your mind to be blown from these amazing and somewhat weird panda facts.

There is an ancient legend that the panda used to be an all-white bear. It literally looked like a polar bear in the rain forest. One day a small girl tried to save a panda cub from being attacked by a leopard. The leopard instead turned its attention toward the girl and managed to kill her. All the pandas of the rain forest came to the girl’s funeral wearing armbands of black ashes. As they hugged each other and covered their ears, they spread the black ashes all over each other. Ancient legends say this is where the panda got all its black spots on its body.

Unlike the Kung-Fu Panda movies, pandas in fact can’t stand upright. Their bones are larger than most other animals and weigh more as well. Pandas also can’t move very fast. They can only go in a slow trot. It is not proven if they know Kung-Fu or not, so you have us there. We also have no proof that they love popping bubbles.

The panda is a symbol in of peace and tranquility in Chinese culture. This is because many Chinese philosophers believe the universe is made from two different forces. The Yin and Yang. Ironically the Yin, Yang symbol is black and white just like pandas. Who knew? Anyway, in short: the Yin and Yang are mainly the good and bad forces of the universe. When they are perfectly balanced, peace and tranquility is the result. Therefore, pandas are associated with peace and harmony. They essentially bring balance to the force, which is cool!

Pandas have lived on this earth for two to three million years. In this time, with their two sets of 42 teeth, they have spent 14-16 hours a day eating bamboo. And if you are wondering how these pandas do not get any splinters, then you should know pandas have special thumbs to carefully tear the bamboo trees apart. They also have a special lining in their throat to prevent splinters.

Some other mind blowing facts include the following. The Chinese call the pandas, daxiongmao. Since neither you or our company can pronounce that, we found that is simple means “large bear cat”. Yes, did we mention panda’s great ancestors were giant cats? Very fascinating. And now we leave you with one final fact about the cute, fluffy looking, panda creatures. Most of the food pandas consume is not digested. In the spring, an adult panda can produce 62 pounds of panda droppings in 24 hours. Yes, we said 62 pounds of panda poop in a day. Amazing!

We hoped you cherished our little article of panda facts. More importantly, we hope you learned something. And if you do see a panda in the wild, ask it if it can show you some Kung-Fu moves and get a video for us!

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