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Breakthrough Custom Clothing is an award-winning custom print shop that specializes in printing apparel. Established in 2011 after a successful adventure of our breakthrough clothing in 2007, many of our local clients asked for apparel for themselves and their businesses.  So we decided to branch out and become a custom apparel business. Our positive can do attitude allowed us to offer our customers a wide selection of garments with high quality printing, no job to big or small. As years have gone by, we’ve gained a reputation for consistently providing excellent customer service, great value and top quality. Now a leader in knowledge, technique and quality we will continuously strive to improve our business by investing in advanced printing techniques and solutions. We currently offer direct to garment(DTG), Screen Printing and Embroidery for businesses and individuals.


To provide quality printing at great pricing that you want to wear and represent.

The Team




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Our company is the most awarded DTG printshop in America


Impression Awards 2019: Warrior Princess

DTG process
Premium T shirt
Single printed shirt
originally drew by IartPixel

Idea by Breakthrough Clothing

Impressions 2019


Impression Awards 2018:

DTG process
Premium T shirt
Single printed shirt

Impressions 2015


Impression Awards 2016:
Gorilla Shock 1st place
Royal Anubis 3rd place

(inkme  is our siter company for fundraising)
DTG process
Premium T shirt
Single printed shirt

Impressions 2016

Impression Feature: Breakthrough Custom Clothing

Impressions 2016


Impression Awards 2015:
DJ Master 1st place

DTG process
Premium T shirt (next level 3001)
Single printed shirt

Impressions 2015


Impression Awards 2014:
Endless Koi 1st place
Panda’s Night Out 3rd place

DTG process
Premium T shirt (cotton heritage)
Koi shirt wraps around
Panda shirt single front sided

Impressions 2016


Impression Awards 2013:

Triple Crown Winner
Hero Friend 1st place
My Sailor 2nd place
Light of the World 3rd place

DTG process for all
Premium T shirt (American apparel and cotton heritage)
Hero Friend custom size 30 inches tall

Impressions 2013


January 12

We began testing hundred of different brands and colors for DTG. We wanted to make sure we had our technique down solid before we sold because DTG was a brand new technology that many people weren’t using. This way we new our product was going to be top quality was we finally released it. This was one of the better decision we made because for about the next 4 years over 50% of companies who added DTG ended up selling and getting out of it, but not us.

November 12

Breakthrough wins its first title the T-shirt Forums DTG Battle Royal. This contest was strictly based on quality since everyone needed to print the same image. Gerald scored a 48/50 and this lead to him as being one of the top quality printers in the country.

DTG Battle Royal

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