Our Techniques

Screen Printing – The Process

With screen printing, your design is placed on a woven mesh stencil, which is then pressed onto the fabric. From there we push the ink, one color at a time, through the mesh stencil – pulling it with a squeegee or fill blade. This presses the ink onto the garment, creating the design.

Quick Facts
· Best for simple designs of one solid color
· Bold bright inks with around 30 color options
· Ink prints with a thicker hand feel
· Extreme durability
· Ideal for large volume orders

Direct to Garment or DTG Printing

With DTG, a printer directly applies the ink to your garment through inkjet technology. Our finely tuned DTG printer uses custom software that will print your desired design using specialty inks, which absorb into the fabric. Our unique DTG process has been proven to create industry-leading quality with extreme detail.

Quick Facts
· Best for high detail or photograph prints
· Unlimited color options
· Simple image customization
· Absorbing into the fabric, the ink has a soft hand feel
· Ideal for low volume orders

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